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VIRGO, Since your Ruling Planet is MERCURY , Speed is your Magical Weapon ,

 Your most Auspicious and Significant day is Base of Transit of Mercury,   Below the Upcoming Transit, The Important Days to Notice for this Mid of September to October 2022 •  Sep 22–23 2022 (Equinox: the day and night are equal and the beginning of the month of Libra):  If you have any aspirations for your current (or a future) relationship, this is a good day to send it out there. 

How can VIRGO and Scorpio tap into each other’s creativity?

 Tapping In The nature of Virgo relationship with Scorpio will determine how this creative exchange might work.  The approach of a Scorpio colleague would differ from that of a friend, lover, spouse or parent.  Virgo and Scorpio Tapping into Each Other’s Creativity  As an earth and water sign, the creative exchange between the two of you should be effortless. Scorpio intuits the larger picture, and you connect the dots. 

Virgo, the Perfectionist

  As the absolute master of details, your creative theme could also be Pattern Master or Analyst.  Your need for perfection really is what drives you from the inside out. It’s your creative platform, your launch pad, and regardless of what you create, the end result must serve some larger, practical purpose. If you’re a writer, for instance, then the end result must first and foremost satisfy you at every level of your being. 

Understanding a VIRGO 2022

  The virgin is a particularly fitting symbol for those born under the sign of Virgo.  If you meditate on the image of the virgin you will get a good understanding of the essence of the Virgo type. The virgin is, of course, a symbol of purity and innocence – not naïve, but pure. A virginal object has not been touched. A virgin field is land that is true to itself, the way it has always been. The same is true of virgin forest: it is pristine, unaltered. Apply the idea of purity to the thought processes, emotional life, physical body and activities and projects of the everyday world, and you can see how Virgos approach life.